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Steelers autographs 1981

Discussion in 'Steeler Nation Classifieds' started by Laura LaneMcCants, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Laura LaneMcCants

    Laura LaneMcCants New Member

    Mar 27, 2019
    My folks had a boat we would chug up the Ohio and dock right below Three Rivers Stadium starting back in '80 ish. They had season tickets and mom is a huge fan. She took an early Sunday morning walk around the stadium and discovered the Steelers office door and saw the players parking and going in. After that day, she wouldn't miss going to greet her guys coming for the game if we were docked below, and she was very insistent that I go with her every time, often to my teenage chagrin.

    After a few times, I mustered the nerve to ask for autographs. I don't know if they are valuable, but I'd like to find out, and I'm willing to sell.

    I have
    Chuck Noll
    Mike Webster
    Jack Ham(1 autograph, 1 signed photo)
    Myron Cope
    Steve Furness
    Mel Blount(3)
    Craig Wolfley(2)
    Dwayne Woodriff
    Loren Towes
    Mark Malone
    J.T. Thomas
    Dave Trout
    Sidney Thornton
    And one I cant decipher

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