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Something positive (for once)

Discussion in 'Steelers Talk' started by The Glory Days, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. The Glory Days

    The Glory Days Well-Known Member

    Oct 8, 2017
    I still have lots to gripe about, but there is a bit of optimism rattling around my noggin.

    The fact that we're finding ways to win in spite of ourselves is encouraging.

    Also, this team certainly won't show up to any stadium feeling over confident. There are no trap games for this bunch.

    Martavis Bryant made two solid catches late in the game. On those two, he didn't play "light". This might be the start of his reemergence. I hope they forget about running him deep for a few games and let him run shallow crosses and in the slot. Getting short passes into his hands and letting him do something after the catch will get him more involved and draw some attention underneath, opening up the shots down the field to JuJu or AB.

    Even though we're nowhere close to where we need to be, there's a little room for optimism.
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  2. Thigpen82


    Oct 17, 2011
    The last catch from Bryant looked like the Bryant of old. All game long the Colts were snuffing out those east to west runs, but on that one he found that burst of speed he’s not shown this season. And in the moment, it was a bit of a game changer.
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  3. AskQuestionsLater

    AskQuestionsLater Writing Team

    Apr 21, 2016
    Martavis is rounding into his old self little by little.

    It is just a matter of time before he is back to the 2015 monster he was. I am hoping we see 100% of that against Green Bay so that any more corrections can be made for the fated clash with New England.

    We will need him.
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  4. Ben There

    Ben There Well-Known Member

    Oct 20, 2011
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  5. mgsmooth

    mgsmooth Well-Known Member

    Aug 14, 2016
    Now if we can get Bell to start shaking those one on ones out in the flat. Those 5 yd gains can easily start being 15-20 yarders.

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