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Roethlisnerger loses fingers..

Discussion in 'Steelers Talk' started by strummerfan, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. strummerfan

    strummerfan Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2012
    in a fireworks accident? Did anyone else get suckered into that article floating around Facebook this morning? Made my heart skip a beat.
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  2. TerribleTowelFlying

    TerribleTowelFlying Staff Member Site Admin

    Oct 12, 2011
    Ha! I saw it, but I didn't take the bait. If you see "LockerDome"- run.
  3. strummerfan

    strummerfan Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2012

    I'm usually pretty good at sniffing those things out, but fell for it this morning. Just for a second, but that was more than enough.
  4. TheSteelHurtin2188

    TheSteelHurtin2188 Well-Known Member

    Nov 30, 2011
    Yeah I didn't see it but I had a guy at work that really fell for it. He came up to me and was like man your team season is already over. I asked why to which he said Ben blew his fingers off. I was like I doubt that I would have heard about that. Pulled up twitter showed him there was nothing and he felt really dumb. Like he fully believed Ben blew his fingers off.
  5. Diamond

    Diamond Well-Known Member

    May 26, 2012
    Well, you know if it were true the sports media would have blown up with the news yesterday.....
  6. strummerfan

    strummerfan Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2012

    I watch so little ESPN etc these days. Sports center used to be pretty funny back in the early 90's, but now it just bores me.
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  7. funkysteelersfan

    funkysteelersfan Well-Known Member

    Nov 1, 2011
    No I didn't get suckered by the fake Facebook article because I'm not on Facebook. But I did get fooled by this thread.
  8. strummerfan

    strummerfan Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2012
    Sorry man
  9. blountforcetrauma

    blountforcetrauma Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2011
    The only time I go to FB is to check Don Rosa's page so I didn't see it but that's pretty funny. My mom falls for stupid bullcrap all the time though. My wife one night just blurts out "OH NO! BETTY WHITE JUST DIED!" and I said, calmly, "where did you see that"? She goes "your mom just put it on fb..." I said "It's fake" and then got on with my life. LOL! Now if someone puts that Don Rosa dies on there... THAT will be a different story. LOL!
  10. mac daddyo

    mac daddyo Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2011
    now with me ben gets the finger when he throws those stupid interceptions and loses it once we get the ball back. does that count? :smiley1::cool:
  11. Harryo the K

    Harryo the K Well-Known Member

    Jun 26, 2017
    Here's the one that got the still loyal Charger fans on the UT Charger forum all up in tizzt...


    Ps. I don't think the Chargers UT from will go on for long.....but check out the Code of Conduct of the 'new' LA Chargers forum at...


    Check out the code of conduct and the rules.....even Harryo the Mild would have been suspended.

    Us older guys like Gilly and me are leaving but the still there fan boy ones.....I thnk about 2/3 of them won't meet the new nice standards...:lolol:
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2017
  12. SteelinOhio

    SteelinOhio Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2011
    I only check FB about once a week or so, and that's usually because I get a message saying someone tagged me or something. So no, didn't see this on FB, but I figured it was a joke title when I saw it here.
  13. Coastal Steeler

    Coastal Steeler

    Oct 16, 2011
    saw it here 1st today. Saw post dated yesterday, only 11 reply's. Almost didn't open it, figured it was BS
  14. blackandgoldpatrol

    blackandgoldpatrol Well-Known Member

    Dec 5, 2011
    if it ain't on google, espn, or bleacherreport I tend to ignore it
  15. blountforcetrauma

    blountforcetrauma Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2011
    I usually only believe it if I see it on facebook. I've literally never seen a single thing on there that wasn't perfectly accurate. Well that and Twitter.
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