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Member of Old Board (late 90s - 2000s)

Discussion in 'Welcomes and Introductions' started by FumblezWasRight, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. FumblezWasRight

    FumblezWasRight Member

    Sep 14, 2021
    Hello Stiller fans! My name is Scott Quillin. I was on the old "official" Steeler board as Sad Fan in RI I believe. I used to post funny songs I wrote. The 2 more popular ones from my memory are:

    Pedro (parody of Hey Joe)

    and the reason I'm finally posting instead of just lurking:


    Back in 2002, when Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl, a user "fumblez" was on the forum talking about how "Tom Brady is the best ever" and would say that he himself was also great and considered himself a living legend.

    I posted this song in honor of the glory of Tom Brady and Fumblez himself:

    Fumblez - A Living Legend (mp3)

    Does that ring a bell with anyone here or am I going to get bombarded with troll accusations? lol

    Hope not. That's part of the reason I have stayed away...I don't want to argue and debate about the team, I want to enjoy the ups and downs in a casual, friendly environment.

    So, why am I here after all these years?

    I'm here to eat a massive amount of CROW because FUMBLEZ WAS RIGHT! Tom Brady is the best ever. It doesn't make me sick to say that now because it seems obvious by now (even if we question things about some of the games he has played in).

    I left The Burgh in '84 and moved to RI when my dad couldn't find work. I'm still here. I watched the Pats become a dynasty on the throats of the Steelers. It was hard for so many long years living here. As a vocal Stiller fan, I have eaten a lot of crow.

    But the crow I hope to eat is to Fumblez directly. He was right, Tom Brady became the best ever. He was saying this after the first SB so props to him!

    Hey, a clock is right twice a day unless the battery is dying. Let...that...sink.......in. :)

    Does anyone remember Fumblez? Is he here?

    Anyway, hello all. Hope to be around here and there to bring a smile or share something funny.


  2. FumblezWasRight

    FumblezWasRight Member

    Sep 14, 2021
    Here is Pedro (mp3) if anyone is interested in hearing it.

    *I can't believe I shared less than demo quality publicly back then (and worse, in 2021). What?
  3. TerribleTowelFlying

    TerribleTowelFlying Staff Member Site Admin Mod Team

    Oct 12, 2011
    LMAO. Welcome! I kinda remember your name actually. I definitely remember parody songs on the old board. I have no memory of Fumblez, but maybe your mentioning him here will summon him like Bloody Mary at midnight.

    Thanks for sharing the songs. You could have had a side gig on Howard Stern with that talent!
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  4. santeesteel


    Oct 17, 2011
    Bienvenidos! Fumbelz was almost right. No matter how many games Tom-Tom "wins", he'll never be Montana!
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  5. FumblezWasRight

    FumblezWasRight Member

    Sep 14, 2021
    Thanks, TTF. Hard to believe it's been so many years! :)
  6. FumblezWasRight

    FumblezWasRight Member

    Sep 14, 2021
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. :)

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