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Hotels and things to do while visiting Pittsburgh for a game

Discussion in 'Steelers Talk' started by Blast Furnace, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Mfdavis1

    Mfdavis1 New Member

    Jul 28, 2021
    Heading to Pittsburgh (Canton Actually) next week for HOF Ceremonies. Any must see Steeler hang outs in Canton, outside of the Hall Of Fame?
  2. Mashburn

    Mashburn Well-Known Member

    Apr 30, 2021
    How is the city with rules on covid?
  3. SpeedyMikeWallace

    SpeedyMikeWallace Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2011
    Went with my girlfriend a couple years ago. It was early in the season (she won’t go when it’s cold), so we got there the Saturday before, went down to the Strip District for a bit, had dinner at Rolands (both seafood fans), then went back to the hotel downtown. The next day we got breakfast at a place that’s now an Argentinian restaurant then went to Phipps before finally going to the game. Was a nice weekend
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  4. Scottish Steeler

    Scottish Steeler Member

    Nov 9, 2021
    Myself and my partner are coming over from Scotland for the Baltimore game on December 5th (Restrictions lifted and the chance to see Ben before retirement was too much to turn down!)

    Some great suggestions in this thread which is really helpful however keen for any other suggestions for things to do in Pittsburgh. We’ll be here for about a week all in.

    Also, any places to get some beers before and/or after the match would be greatly appreciated!
  5. KMM

    KMM Well-Known Member

    Sep 17, 2018
    First, match? This is America, where football means football, not futbol. It's called a game. :)

    Next, some updates to the recommendations in this thread, primarily my own.

    a) Piper's Pub still hasn't reopened which is a shame cause it's an awesome pub. Fathead's is a good substitute.
    b) Dish, the Sicilian place on the South Side, has reopened, and it's great as always. Proof of vaccination required.
    c) Cafe de Jour is open and good as always.
    d) Strip District addtions: Cafe Raymond is a very good breakfast and lunch place. Better than a diner like DeLuca's, which is a great diner.
    e) Lawrenceville is the trendy place to go. It's not too far and has some great bars and restaurants.
    f) In terms of things to do, the Carnegie Museums are really good. The Art and Natural History museums are locate in the Oakland neighborhood and the Warhol Museum is only about a mile or two away from the stadium. There's also a bicycle museum on the North Shore that's really cool, if you're into bicycles. The Heinz History Museum in the Strip District is also good.
    g) Taking the Incline up to Mt Washington is a nice touristy thing to do.
    h) This time of year, Market Sq in Downtown has the skating rink and a bunch of kiosks selling Xmas crap set up. You might find some knicknacks fo sale for folks back home there.
    i) Of course, you'll have to get a Primanti's sandwich at least once on your visit.
  6. jeh1856

    jeh1856 Beer is good

    Oct 26, 2011

    First the places you shouldn’t go don’t have hotels

    It will be hard to get a hotel downtown north side or south side because they book up as soon as the schedule comes out but give it a try

    Cranberry Township is a little ways away but if you have a car it’s a 15 minute drive in

    I believe some people try to stay in Greentree for easy access

    The Sheraton Station Square is great access by boat game day but expensive

    I check hotels.com near Heinz Field and rooms are available but pricey

    Parking is a challenge so take a Gateway Clipper Boat the T (or subway) or park downtown early

    Also check this:
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  7. Scottish Steeler

    Scottish Steeler Member

    Nov 9, 2021
    After making it over in 2021 for a game, delighted that there will be 4 more of us coming over for the season opener against San Francisco (Here’s hoping can create a couple more steelers fans!).

    Pittsburgh was an an unbelievable place and the atmosphere unrivalled (Beating the Ravens plays a part in this it must be said…)

    With that said looking to see if there is anything above what has been mentioned that anyone would consider a must do when visiting Pittsburgh. The recommendations were fantastic and really helped us enjoy our stay so any are welcome!

    Also any advice on tailgating/pre match experience would be great now that we’re no longer living under Covid restrictions!
  8. Scottish Steeler

    Scottish Steeler Member

    Nov 9, 2021
    just a personal thank you for the above. My partner & I done quite a lot of the above and really enjoyed ourselves!

    Also…I now refer to it as a game rather than ‘match’
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