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George's draft II

Discussion in 'The Bill Nunn Draft Room' started by steeler_george, Feb 14, 2020 at 7:05 AM.

  1. steeler_george

    steeler_george Well-Known Member

    Jan 18, 2020
    After reading and hearing things from Colbert, Rooney, and the Steeler reporters ( Dullac, Lollley, Wolfly, etc) my mind has shifted from retooling our OL and adding depth to the defense through the draft to
    make the running game a priority.

    2) Cushenberry, LSU C/G- first year swing IOL then replaces Pouncey
    3) Moss, Utah RB - 1a/b with Conner/Snell
    4) Claypool, ND or TJ Hill, OSU WR/- depth WR
    4) Akeen Davis-Gaither, Appalachain State ILB/S- redshirt pushes Gilbert ( I know I should go DL here)
    6) Deguara, Cincinnati, TE/FB-Hback/FB ( I am jelous of SF's FB)
    7) Woerner, Georgia TE -Power running team, suppose to have excellent soft hands

    *Safety depth from FA ( safeties back ups are cheap and look who is on that list again Reid/ HaHa )
    **Alulou takes over NT duties along with filler at FA NT
    ***Dupree, Feiler (LG), Hilton, resigned.
    **** Chicko, Barron ( I am thinking VW might be cut instead), Berry, and Foster are all cut, save 15 M
    *****Heyward, Ben, Nelson redo contracts save money for FA NT and S
    ******McDonlad extends contract ( I hate it!) with 2nd year (2022) a ghost year, saves us money.

    I would also consider trading 2021 3rd ( we should have 2 next year) to jump in the 4th and grab DL/OL /TE/ S help. ( Hamilton or a Ruandy or Harrrison Bryant or Fuller)

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