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2020 Top 32 Big Board: Post Senior Bowl

Discussion in 'The Bill Nunn Draft Room' started by AskQuestionsLater, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. AskQuestionsLater

    AskQuestionsLater Writing Team

    Apr 21, 2016
    Welcome back fellow brothers and sisters! AskQuestionsLater here, bringing you the Top 32 Big Board following today's Senior Bowl. Quite a bit of movement on the board has transpired within the last 24 hours so let us not waste any time and get to the board. Before we do and, as always, a disclaimer:

    These written statements by the author do not reflect nor are shared opinions of members of TheSteelersFans Message Board, Staff Members and/or Site Administrator.

    As stated before, quite a bit of movement has happened since the last time. Notably and, due to my ignorance, I realized that Creed Humphrey had returned to school shortly after my Post Bowl Big Board went up. I will have a link below to note where Creed Humphrey would have been but also in addition to those of you who were just missed the previous entry;

    Post NCAA Bowl Top 32

    Now that we have that misunderstanding cleared up, onto the latest edition of the Top 32. Let us begin shall we?!?!

    Top 32 Big Board: Post Senior Bowl Edition:

    1.) Chase Young: EDGE from Ohio State University

    2.) Isaiah Simmons: Hybrid Defender from the University of Clemson

    3.) Joe Burrow: Quarterback from Louisiana State University

    4.) Derrick Brown: Defensive Tackle from the University of Auburn

    5.) Jeffery Okudah: Cornerback from Ohio State University

    6.) Andrew Thomas: Offensive Tackle from the University of Georgia

    7.) Tristan Wirfs: Offensive Tackle from the University of Iowa

    8.) Jerry Jeudy: Wide Receiver from the University of Alabama

    9.) Jedrick Willis: Offensive Tackle from the University of Alabama

    10.) A.J. Epensea: EDGE from the University of Iowa

    11.) CeeDee Lamb: Wide Receiver from the University of Oklahoma

    12.) Laviska Shenault Jr.: Wide Receiver from the University of Colorado

    13.) Xavier Mckinney: Defensive Back from the University of Alabama

    14.) Tyler Biadasz: Center from the University of Wisconsin

    15.) K'Lavon Chaisson: EDGE from Louisiana State University

    16.) Javon Kinlaw: Defensive Tackle from the University of South Carolina

    17.) Tua Tagovailoa: Quarterback from the University of Alabama

    18.) Kristian Fulton: Cornerback from Louisiana State University

    19.) Yetur Gross Matos: EDGE from Penn State University

    20.) Trevon Diggs: Cornerback from the University of Alabama

    21.) Henry Ruggs III: Wide Receiver from the University of Alabama

    22.) Paulson Albedo: Cornerback from the University of Stanford

    23.) Grant Delpit: Safety from Louisiana State University

    24.) C.J. Henderson: Cornerback from the University of Florida

    25.) J.K. Dobbins: Running Back from Ohio State University

    26.) Kennith Murray: Linebacker from the University of Oklahoma

    27.) Justin Herbert: Quarterback from the University of Oregon

    28.) Tee Higgins: Wide Receiver from the University of Clemson

    29.) D'Andre Swift: Running Back from the University of Georgia

    30.) Antonie Winfield Jr.: Safety from the University of Minnesota

    31.) Patrick Queen: Linebacker from Louisiana State University

    32.) Solomon Kindley: Offensive Guard from the University of Georgia

    Okay everyone! As you see it, here is the updated list. Quite a bit to get into so let us begin!

    Final Notes:

    - Lets start with the omission of Terrell Lewis and the inclusion of Patrick Queen; this Boards biggest riser. Initially, I only began to notice this guy after the events of the Florida game. While I was intrigued, I did not think of him as much. Post the Alabama game however, my interest grew; his performances in the College Football Playoff doubly so. When it was all said and done, he was the National Championship Defensive MVP. While that alone would not slot him into my Top 32, his consistent improvement, tremendous potential and explosive athleticism do. The biggest issue though for him is his limited experience. However, like Devin White who came before him, Patrick Queen has showed enough growth despite initially being a highly touted Running Back from High School. While his experience will scare away some people, not me. Much like how other teams have gradually allow rookies to become part of their system as the year goes on, Patrick Queen can do the same for his athletic abilities in both run support and pass coverage will be enough to allow him to become a true three down linebacker in short time.

    This leads us to Terrell Lewis whom I initially had on the Board. The issue with Terrell is not just his medical history but also the sheer abundance of pass rushing talent this draft has to offer. Due to the sheer volume of talent and depth, I have decided to kick him out of the Top 32 as a result. For that matter, other players like Julian Okwara and Curtis Weaver have far stronger arguments to be made than Lewis does.

    - Some people were very impressed with Justin Herbert's performance today at the Senior Bowl and indeed I was among them. Throwing 9 for 13 for 83 yards and a touchdown is definitely something to note given how little time Herbert has to showcase his abilities. That said, much of what I already knew came into fruition at the Senior Bowl. The arm strength, the accuracy, his reads (better I will admit) and demeanor were notes I had already knowm about him. However, I was, yet again, left wanting more. For example, the pocket presence is still a bit of an issue for me. His reads have gotten better but not faster and his foot mechanics still prevent him from unleashing his full potential with his arm. Add the fact that this draft is not only stacked defensively but also Tua Tagovailoa being in the mix and Justin Herbert's Board slot remains the same for me.

    - Tyler Biadasz has dropped only two spots despite having medical issues dating back to his Freshman season where he had a leg injury. A hip injury would soon follow before the start of his Junior Campaign in 2019; limiting his overall athleticism. That said, among all the Interior Offensive Lineman, Tyler is still a Day One Impact player. That said, a question though by some;

    "Why is Tyler ranked higher than Tua even though both had hip surgery?!"

    That answer is simple. Tyler's was not potentially career threatening nor caused major damage to his hip. Unlike Tyler, there is still too many unknowns with Tua as we still don't know exactly when he is going to be able to throw despite his agent, Leigh Steinberg, stating that Tua might throw at either the Alabama Pro Day or a Pro Day Visit by a team. Again, too many unknowns. Tyler does not have these concerns as his was a clean up and nothing more.

    - Laviska Shenault Jr..... wow. Again, I cannot believe I had him slotted out of the Top 32. The more and more I dig into his tape, the more I come away impressed. Sure, his 2019 season definitely was underwhelming in comparison to his 2018 but much of those major traits I saw looking back at his 2018 film remain in 2019. The problem with him though was consistentcy albeit Steven Montez regressing was not very helpful. Another problem with him has been health as he has had a torn labrum and turf toe. Despite these problems, say hello to the freak show among all Wide Receivers in the class. Nevermind his size at 220lbs but he has legit 4.4 speed and is very explosive and very agile. Add in his football IQ and overal catching abilities and one can argue that Laviska has the highest ceiling of any receiving threat in the 2020 Draft; Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb or otherwise.

    - The biggest change though has been at the very top. For a while, I had Chase Young and Joe Burrow as the number one and number two players on my board. Isaiah Simmons was number three only because of the significance the Quarterback position plays. That said, I had to ponder about this issue shortly after the conclusion of the 2019-2020 NCAA FBS Season. While it is true that the Quarterback position is the most important position, it is also true that there are more varying factors that come with the territory of being a Quarterback. Most notably, for Joe Burrow's case is his season. Yes, this season by him is now widely reputed as the greatest season a College QB has ever had. I am not disputing that. My question becomes not just where was this from Joe Burrow the previous two seasons. My question stems from this season alone. The consistency was definitely there; the dominance doubly so. The problem I have is the offense around him but not the personnel. Call me crazy but I am not a fan of Joe Burrow's arm strength. Sure, a coach can mitigate that at both the collegiate level and the pro leagues but only so much at a time. In addition, I myself do not put much stock into arm strength as there are not just many different work arounds for that but many different offenses that do not require it.

    The biggest issue I have with Joe Burrow is that his playstyle is too reminiscent of Derek Carr. Yes, Derek Carr had an MVP level season but since then, has not been the same. Add the fact that, given his status as a Top Five pick, he is not likey to receive much help unless that team spends enormous resources and/or has a good enough defense. Again though and, regardless of this, Joe Burrow is still a Top Three player overall.

    Heading to the second best player in the draft, Isaiah Simmons now takes the lead. I understand that this might cause some disagreements but please hear me out. Isaiah Simmons really does not have an equal in this draft in terms of his closest peer. The issue is, there is no peer comparable to Isaiah Simmons to begin with. The reason is because Isaiah Simmons is not a Safety, pass rusher, Slot Cornerback or even a Linebacker. He is all of them put together at once. As a result, lining him up at any one spot automatically decreases his value due to his limitless potential not just from an athletic, position or performance standpoint but also from a schematic standpoint as well. That is not what Isaiah Simmons can give a defense. What Isaiah Simmons can give a defense is the ability to erase multiple threats to the top tier threats of any offense all by himself. Take for example, SaQuon Barkely. Isaiah Simmons has more than enough athleticism and instincts to keep the likes of Barkley in check. What about the likes of Travis Kelce, Mark Andrews or George Kittle?! Isaiah has the coverage skills and physicality to match them mano a mano. Slot receivers like Marquis Brown giving the defense trouble? Isaiah can have those problems nullified for he is fluid enough in space.

    In short?! There is not much of anything that Isaiah cannot do. This is all the more reason that placing him in one spot severely limits his maximum capabilities. To use Isaiah to his maximum abilities, he needs to nullify the opposition's best offensive weapon whomever and where ever they are on the field and/or wreak as much as possible.

    That is it for the final notes everyone! Had quite a bit of explaining to do so I figured that I would clear much of the movement on the list. Now, with that all said, it is time to begin to wrap this up!


    Suffice it to say, this year's Senior Bowl was supposed to have players like Jordan Love, Justin Herbert and Javon Kinlaw move up a bit in the rankings for me. Sadly, Javon got injured in Senior Bowl practice, Jordan Love was still consistent and Justin Herbert did not show much development. In addition, more film study provoked me to drastically change many different positions not just within rankings 11 to 32 but also the Top 10 as well. As NFL Defenses become more and more based on nullifying top tier threats in the game, Isaiah Simmons and Derrick Brown highlight this new paradigm. Players no longer have to be just merely good at one position and role but multiple ones. Unless said players are truly elite at their position like Chase Young or Jeffrey Okudah, they will be pushed down among many draft boards within many draft war rooms.

    All in all, that will do it for me everyone! Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Remember everyone, tomorrow is the Top Five Positional Rankings after the events of the Senior Bowl!

    Until next time everyone, please take care and have a good day!! :)

    Go Steelers!!! :steelflag:
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  2. steeler_george

    steeler_george Well-Known Member

    Jan 18, 2020
    thanks for your work and insight... who from that list do you see possible falling to us?
  3. AskQuestionsLater

    AskQuestionsLater Writing Team

    Apr 21, 2016

    Hmmm.... possibly Patrick Queen or Solomon Kindley. Keep in mind though that, as of the time of this post, the Steelers have not decided what to do with Mark Barron. Assuming he is released, I can see the team attending LSU's Pro Day at some point.

    Regarding Kindley, it is a bit more difficult to say. He is the best Offensive Guard in the class. Add the fact that Interior Offensive Lineman are becoming more and more valuable and the prospects of him falling to 49 are unlikely.

    For my personal three, please read my sig. :)
  4. turtle


    Jan 14, 2015
    CU WR Laviska Shenault was a guy I watched some the past two years since I used to live in CO. I mentioned him before in a couple threads. Dude is a specimen that's for sure, one thing I noticed is his propensity to turn the ball over on fumbles. I haven't checked the stats but it seemed he lost one in some of the games I saw. Could have been coincidence. Don't think he falls to our spot, just saying.

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