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2020 Steelers Mock Draft: Pre Scouting Combine

Discussion in 'The Bill Nunn Draft Room' started by AskQuestionsLater, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. AskQuestionsLater

    AskQuestionsLater Writing Team

    Apr 21, 2016
    Hello fellow members and welcome back!! AskQuestionsLater has returned and with me, another installment of the 2020 Steelers Mock Draft. It has been some time since the last mock was written. As such, a link will be donw below to ensure that those missed the last mock can keep up with this current iteration;

    Post Senior Bowl Mock

    This mock will defintiely be a bit different than the last for certain. What do I mean by that?! Stay tuend to find out but before we do and, as always, a disclaimer;

    These written statements by the author do not reflect nor are shared opinions of members of TheSteelersFans Message Board, Staff Members and/or Site Administrator.

    2020 Steelers Mock Draft:

    1st Round, number 18 overall (aquired in 2019 from Miami);

    Minkah Fitzpatrick; Defensive Back from the University of Alabama.

    2nd Round, number 48 overall;

    Jalen Raegor: Wide Receiver from Texas Christain University

    3rd Round, number 104 overall (presumed Compensatory Pick):

    Lloyd Cushenberry III: Offensive Lineman from Louisiana State University

    4th Round, pick 124:

    Davon Hamilton: Defensive Tackle from Ohio State University

    4th Round, pick 131 (aquired from Tennesee due to Miami trading away this pick received from Pittsburgh):

    Jared Pinkney: Tight End from the University of Vanderbilt

    6th Round, 198 Overall:

    Amik Robertson: Cornerback from Louisiana Tech University

    7th Round, 233 Overall:

    James Proche: Wide Receiver from Southern Methodist University

    Alright everyone! Here is the updated list! Of course some omissions but those said omissions will be explained soon enough!

    Rounds 1 through 3:

    Let us just get this out of the way while we still can; LOVED the Minkah trade immediately after the fact. Love it even more now. Minkah has been everything I thought he would be and then some. No doubt that, should he continue this career arc, a bust in Canton will be awaiting him. Arguably the best Safety in the NFL under the age of 25. No more need be said about him.

    Now, for the second round choice.... this pick has a lot more to do with the team lacking a true homerun threat of sorts... a "Thermonuclear Option" to be more specific. The last official option like that was Martavis Bryant, a gifted but troubled receiver. Since he left, Pittsburgh really has not had that homerun hitter in the Receiving Corps. Enter Jalen Raegor; the Big XII's most electrifying player of the 2019 College Season. Nevermind his highlight worthy explosive capabilities, he has the speed and agility to take the top off of defenses; giving the team a quick strike option the same. Given how difficult it was for the team to score points, bad Quarterback or not, a true home run threat is essential and Reagor has botht the phsycial tools and production to match. Overall, his style reminds me a bit of Santonio Holmes; a Super Bowl MVP.

    Now that we have went with a Wide Receiver in the second round, that means we have to turn our attention to the presumed third round comp. pick. In the last mock, I had Cole Kmet from the University of Notre Dame go here. However, he has been rising steadily up the draft boards and not to mention being in contenion for being the first Tight End off the board. That said, I have decided to slot the next option on the teams needs; Interior Offensive Lineman. While it would be nice to keep B.J. Finney, chances are that is not going to happen. As such, why not find a far more athletic replacement in Lloyd Cushenberry who is arguably the most athletic Interior Offensive Lineman in the entire draft. Sure, he does need some coachiing up in some areas but he does have some of the pre-requisites of what the Steelers need; versatility being his truest calling card here. This is not just a B.J. Finney insurance policy here but also a Maurkice Pouncey one as well. Keep in mind that Maurkice is nearing the end of the road. As such, it is best to find a replacement sooner rather than later. Lloyd actually reminds me a bit of Maurkice albeit not as technically sound but just as athletic if not more than.

    Rounds Four through Seven:

    Davon Hamilton really will not be discussed much as he was in the previous iteration of the mock draft. Much of what I stated about him still rings true. While it is possible that Javon does leave, Davon has enough experience and capability to slot right in and contribute right away.

    Given the fact that a Tight End could not be picked up in the second or third round, getting one as soon as possible is a must. Jared Pinkney may not be the most polished Tight End but he is arguably the most athletic; following the Tomlin trend of players. One aspect he does well is receiving; something he did well at the Univerisity of Vanderbilt. That said, he will need to work on his blocking technique as it is not very good. Even though he has the desire to block, his fundmentals are lacking.

    Regarding Amik Robertson, apply the Davon Hamilton label here. There really is not much to discuss about him honestly as all of what I said before still applies. Keep in mind though that, assuming he performs well at the combine, he is likely not going to be at this position.

    James Proche..... again, please refer to both Davon and Amik. I understand this will be looked at as half hearted but there really is not too many options in the seventh round worth taking within my notes at this juncture.

    That concludes the Pre Scouting Combine mock folks! I know, I know, quite a bit of unanswered questions here. As such, let us use the final notes to answer them to alleviate any concerns.

    Final Notes:

    Alright, to start out with, yes, I am aware that neither an EDGE Rusher or a Running Back are in this mock. Why that is pertains to two scenarios that seem to be indirectly laying out before us. The first is that Bud Dupree is likely to get tagged. As such, spending a high pick on an EDGE Rusher is self defeating as that does not solve the offenses lack of explosive capabilities. As for the Running Back. it seems that Kevin Colbert is willing to give James Conner another shot. Do I agree with this?! No. Even so, I do not expect the team to look at Running Backs in the early porition of the Draft barring extreme circumstances.

    For that matter, something tells me that "Benny Snell Football" will become a bigger aspect in 2020 than in 2019. In addition, I also believe that a low cost free agent option is on the way as well as Jaylen Samuels might not even be on the roster come opening day in 2020.

    As for some of the picks, Raegor's selection is not just beneficial for him but also JuJu as well. JuJu NEEDS this season in order to get a contract extension as T.J. Watt seems set to reset the EDGE Rusher market. Lloyd is insurance for two players for 2020 as B.J. is likely gone and Maurkice could get injured for an extended period of time again. Pinkney should push Gentry and, even if Pinkney does lose out, he is a quality backup option should anything happen to the Tight End group again.

    Well everyone, that will do it for the final notes! I hoped that answered questions pertaining to some omissions and some further explanations for the picks! Time to wrap this up!


    This team needs Big Ben for certain. However, Big Ben will need this team far more than possibly even he knows. Having a quick strike option will definitley help out as that limits Big Ben's exposure and chances of getting hit. How much so remains to be seen but having that "Thermonuclear Option" is better than not having it at all. In addition, having contingency plans is critical to any Super Bowl run as we all know, injuiries play a big part in determining who gets in the NFL Playoffs and who stays home.

    Well everyone, that will do it for this edition of the Steelers Mock Draft presented by yours truly; AskQuestionsLater!! Again, sorry about the long delay but not only health issues were magnified but my LG V20 broke in the process.... for the FIFTH TIME in the past six months! As such, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+; much better already! With that said and my health restored, look for the next Top 32 and Positional Rankings within the next couple of days! :)

    To that end, that will do it for me everyone! Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed!! Again, please keep an eye out for the Top 32 Big Board and Positional Rankings as they will be dropping soon! Until next time though, this is AskQuestionsLater saying farewell and, until we meet again;

    Go Steelers!! :steelflag:
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  2. thesteeldeal

    thesteeldeal Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2011
    Nice work! I just don’t see Reagor or Proche available at either of those spots. I like it on paper though....
  3. turtle


    Jan 14, 2015
    solid 3rd, early 4th, 6th and 7th. Just not sold on the other two.

    Haven't really looked at the CBs at all, but Haden can't play forever and Layne is a question mark. I could see some competition brought in. And what happens if Hilton is tendered? Yikes. I know we have Sutton but it starts to get slim after that.

    I think a S would be in the works more than CB since we have zero depth behind either starter. I am not counting on Sean Davis or Marcus Allen.
  4. SDOT

    SDOT Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2016
    I'd be very disappointed with this draft. I'm sorry but we don't need to be spending more draft picks on WRs especially two.

    There's a center I really like and if available I think the Steelers should grab. Outside of that. Area of needs.... TE, Guards, DE. Then bpa between Punter, RB, and WR.

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