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  1. Clive From PIT
  2. Jean74
    Ready for June 2022!
  3. Bawb the Revelator
    Bawb the Revelator
    Steeler Lifer in the Springtime of his Senility at age 83 :Go figure
  4. James Orie
    James Orie
  5. mytake
    mytake zcoop
    message me your name and address and I will send you a board game I created called Quarterback King, "Where football and chess collide."
  6. thekidn1
    Goodbye Ben. We'll miss you.
  7. thekidn1
    Goodbye Ben. We'll miss you.
  8. Jean74
    Happy New Year 2022!
  9. Master Of Puppets
    Master Of Puppets Hawaii 5-0
    are you the hawaii 5-0 from steelers fever ?
  10. HMillerThriller
    HMillerThriller TerribleTowelFlying
    Hi there! Not sure how to PM you. But I'd really like to post my children's book about Steelers football here! I submitted a post to the classifieds for moderation. Any help would be appreciated!
  11. burghfan58
    burghfan58 JackAttack 5958
    Where have you been? I hope you are doing well?
    1. JackAttack 5958
      JackAttack 5958
      Doing well, b, thanks for asking. I still follow along but stopped commenting a couple of years back, mostly for my own sanity, lol. I wasn’t on much at all for over a year but slowly started revisiting the board. I see a few of my old friends haven’t changed much . I appreciate you reaching out and hope you and your family have a great Christmas.
      Dec 4, 2021
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    2. burghfan58
      Thank you. I'm glad to hear you are doing well. Take care and stay safe!
      Dec 5, 2021
    3. burghfan58
      By the way, I know what you mean about keeping your sanity. I've been attacked for sharing an honest opinion and being realistic rather than look at it all through rose colored glasses. I bleed black & gold, but accept we are not going to win a championship anytime soon.
      Dec 5, 2021
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  12. ed nunn
    ed nunn
    I have been a fan since 1967 and haven't seen a worse defense backfield.,, looked lie a bunch of 2nd rate high school kids. 11/21/2021
  13. Tarasovic
    Tarasovic TerribleTowelFlying
    Any chance I can get the feed for Lions Steelers? Much appreciated either way. Thanks.
  14. S.T.D
  15. S.T.D
    S.T.D ladyward
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  16. KnoxVegasSteel
    KnoxVegasSteel Im4steelers
    Is there a reason for tagging 2 of my posts now as against the rules? Just because you don't like the post doesn't make it against the rules. I don't think it means what you think it does.
  17. ljkjr74
    ljkjr74 Blast Furnace
    Sorry Blast Furnace, I completely forgot you already posted this.
    1. Blast Furnace
      Blast Furnace
      No worries, I can merge them.
      Oct 3, 2021
  18. Roonatic
    Roonatic TerribleTowelFlying
    Does the Steelers fans take checks TTF? If so pm me with the address.
  19. dobbler-33
    dobbler-33 SteelerGlenn
    This message is funny timing wise... might be time to explore Mason again. Doubt it will happen. But hey my man that was cool as hell to link up and we thank you and your fam for the hospitality! Very cool!
  20. jimmyallen45
    jimmyallen45 VTSteelerfan
    There were always a fair # of Steelers fans in Bennington, I found, and I was told part of the reason was the dog track in Pownal that had been owned by the Rooneys. They had also donated equipment and $$ to local youth football programs. I also remember a bar in town, whose name escapes me, which was something of a Steelers spot.
  21. jimmyallen45
    jimmyallen45 VTSteelerfan
    I saw you post again, and realized I had written to you, but never replied.

    Although I live in Shelburne and have done so off and on since 1977, I know Bennington well. I lived there from 1994-2001 when I taught at Mt Anthony High School. Lived up on Gage Street.
  22. ljkjr74
    Old and glad of it.
  23. Corey D.
    Corey D.
    I live in Tennessee and want to watch the game tomorrow. I don’t have DirectTV. Anyone know how I can watch here?
  24. jeh1856
    jeh1856 santeesteel
    The dog in your avatar looks very much like one I just lost, Maggie. She was a great dog. Best groundhog hunter I ever saw. Give your dog a pet for me.
    1. santeesteel
      I will. As soon as I get home. Right now, I'm bringing the boat to Portland from Seattle. 3 weeks in Portland and then home to San Diego. My wife took Kodi to the vet the other day......114 lbs! He eats everything.
      Sep 11, 2021
  25. Darren millevoi
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