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  1. ljkjr74
    ljkjr74 Blast Furnace
    Sorry Blast Furnace, I completely forgot you already posted this.
    1. Blast Furnace
      Blast Furnace
      No worries, I can merge them.
      Oct 3, 2021
  2. Roonatic
    Roonatic TerribleTowelFlying
    Does the Steelers fans take checks TTF? If so pm me with the address.
  3. dobbler-33
    dobbler-33 SteelerGlenn
    This message is funny timing wise... might be time to explore Mason again. Doubt it will happen. But hey my man that was cool as hell to link up and we thank you and your fam for the hospitality! Very cool!
  4. jimmyallen45
    jimmyallen45 VTSteelerfan
    There were always a fair # of Steelers fans in Bennington, I found, and I was told part of the reason was the dog track in Pownal that had been owned by the Rooneys. They had also donated equipment and $$ to local youth football programs. I also remember a bar in town, whose name escapes me, which was something of a Steelers spot.
  5. jimmyallen45
    jimmyallen45 VTSteelerfan
    I saw you post again, and realized I had written to you, but never replied.

    Although I live in Shelburne and have done so off and on since 1977, I know Bennington well. I lived there from 1994-2001 when I taught at Mt Anthony High School. Lived up on Gage Street.
  6. ljkjr74
    Old and glad of it.
  7. Corey D.
    Corey D.
    I live in Tennessee and want to watch the game tomorrow. I don’t have DirectTV. Anyone know how I can watch here?
  8. jeh1856
    jeh1856 santeesteel
    The dog in your avatar looks very much like one I just lost, Maggie. She was a great dog. Best groundhog hunter I ever saw. Give your dog a pet for me.
    1. santeesteel
      I will. As soon as I get home. Right now, I'm bringing the boat to Portland from Seattle. 3 weeks in Portland and then home to San Diego. My wife took Kodi to the vet the other day......114 lbs! He eats everything.
      Sep 11, 2021
  9. Darren millevoi
  10. Confluence
    Confluence KnoxVegasSteel
    been to Knoxville, first time I ***** a girl in the ladies room stall, , haha, thats right, kind of awkward walking out of the ladies room... i like Tennessee, yeah,
    1. KnoxVegasSteel likes this.
  11. mytake
    mytake thorn058
    Thorn, are you interested in voting in the 2021 unofficial Steelers mock draft? I appreciate your opinions.
    1. thorn058
      Thanks for the invite but I'll have to say no. I did the Fantasy mock draft that gpguy used to run once and it really soured me for good on the whole thing. I don't watch enough college football to have strong opinions on the draft or break down tape. I usually wait for Blast, Ray, Mac, Elvis and recently AQL to post their mocks and start looking at guys. Sorry I can't give you guys a few more ppl for it.
      Apr 13, 2021
  12. mytake
    mytake MojaveDesertPghFan
    Mojave, are you interested in voting in the 2021 Unofficial Steelers mock draft? I always appreciate your viewpoint on the Steelers.
  13. mytake
    mytake mac daddyo
    Mac daddyo, are you going to vote in the 2021 Unofficial Steelers mock draft? Would love to hear what you have to say.
  14. mytake
    mytake AskQuestionsLater
    AQL, are you going to vote in the 2021 Unofficial Steelers mock draft?
    1. AskQuestionsLater
      Hmm... Now that you remind me, I actually ended up forgetting!

      Sure thing pal! I will soon! Sorry if it slipped my mind. Working on some back end things and attempting to set up an All 22 Set
      Apr 9, 2021
  15. PPWW
    PPWW AskQuestionsLater
    Yes... please :D

    I can't really see the option for PM when I go to your profile... if you wouldn't mind to initiate it please I would very much appreciate it.
    Going to sleep now, as it's half past midnight in Europe. Hope to see a mmessage from you tomorrow. Thanks.
  16. PPWW
    PPWW AskQuestionsLater
    Hi, is there a PM option on this forum?
    1. AskQuestionsLater
      Sure is!! That said, it has to be accessed via a user whom you want to chat with.

      Is it me you want to talk to?!
      Jan 1, 2021
      PPWW likes this.
  17. OmegaTiger
    Steeler's, Time to think about the Future...
  18. jrompola
    jrompola Steelersfire
    Get dofusportslive
  19. Tulsa
    Tulsa TerribleTowelFlying
    Same here. Do you have a link for today? If it's too late, no worries.
  20. Ravens_Fan_N_Pitt
    Ravens_Fan_N_Pitt Blast Furnace
    I have been a forum member for a while and I do apologize for not being active. I was curouis as to how long I have to wait until the approvals go away or is that a rule for everyone regardless of length?
    1. Hodge likes this.
  21. rocketdog
    rocketdog TerribleTowelFlying
    TTL, Looking for a good link for today's game. Thanks
  22. kicker_twentyone
    kicker_twentyone TerribleTowelFlying
    Need a link to the Titans game. Thank you.
  23. NDsteelerfan
    NDsteelerfan TerribleTowelFlying
    Hey TTF, do you have any links for today's game? Thanks
  24. Herm
    Trying to improve my english, so forgive my faults ;-)
  25. SteelReal
    SteelReal Blast Furnace
    Does it take you guys awhile to review and approve posts??
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